cropped-NBlueSparkle.jpgI am here to serve all, through particularly serving men.

As a feminine force of grace, wisdom and compassion, with a personality inclined to be practical, non-competitive, hard-working and devoted, I serve.

From a history steeped in relationship with humans of all kinds, I serve.

With openness to and respect for all, with a desire to deeply understand, and with a vested interest in the evolution and epic success of All, I serve.

With a sharply discerning mind for WHAT WORKS, I serve.

I serve one-on-one in sessions and instructive time: deeply integrating conversation, hands-on/heart-on energy work, customized threshold rituals, healing movement and mind mapping tend to be included.

I serve groups, giving workshops and facilitating conversation.

I speak and write: for your group, for the community around me and online.

I unite potential partners in service to higher learning and co-creation: online and personal introductions, collaborative events abound.

If this resonates, let’s meet and determine if I am a fit to serve YOU:



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