Fear, overcome, brings you this inaugural post.

A new era dawns.

My online presence moves up an octave.

I am facing fears such as come with any new learning.  The web is a mysterious place to me, behind the scenes.


But how else do I expand my consciousness than by going into the mysterious unknown?


Tim Ferriss tells about some of his own experiences overcoming fear in this TED Talk.


Wow, if he can learn all those languages I can surely learn WordPress.


As Tim was talking, as I was watching, I looked back into my childhood for fears.  The one that stood out most was my fear of approaching people I thought were “better”…”bigger”…”more popular” than me.


I was afraid I wasn’t equal to them.  Not worthy of their friendship or association.  And that they would judge me thus, and that it would hurt.


I am so glad to have a more complete awareness now.  So glad that I understand more about the factors that bring feelings of intimidation in others, so as to avoid being intimidating as well as to avoid becoming intimidated.


Now I am freer to swell with joy at the accomplishments of someone like Tim Ferris, and imagine myself (if I were to be given the chance) approaching him to tell him, enthusiastically, how he inspired me.


We are truly all equal.  All important, all amazing… in our own right.


Only unawareness of this truth keeps it from being so.  And leaves room for judgement, hurt and living small.


Be aware of your magnificence.  And if you find it tricky, (like I still often do)…ask for help… in whatever form feels right.


It’s so worth it.





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