“Nothing Noteworthy”. NOT.

Nothing Noteworthy


I have a dear friend; we kissed as teenagers, found each other on Facebook as grown ups; I have great fondness and appreciation for him, and I deep desire to see him happy and in love.


He often texts me on Wednesday, “Happy Hump Day” and on Fridays, “Happy Friday” and we go back and forth a bit sharing little bits and pieces. He is rarely a flood of information; he saves longer stories for lunches together every month or so, I love those times with him.


Today, a Friday, it went like this:


“Happy Friday!”


“Thanks, D! It’s a big one for me, a big weekend; my event tonight then Sunday I am co-hosting a brunch and a Big Awakening Caffe. I hereby move to the next level in my work. Pretty exciting!”


“Go Girl”


“Thank you!


Happy Friday to you  :)  What’s been going on in your world?”


“Nothing noteworthy”



I stopped, on many levels.


“It’s you. It’s noteworthy”


I thought of all the men getting up in the city around me, showering, maybe not. Shaving, maybe not. Donning shirts and ties or Carhartts and t-shirts, or not… and heading out the door with their briefcase or not, their lunch box…or not.


Feeling that something noteworthy is going on in their world….or not.


Not a thing but the ideas they have all day long, the thoughts. Nothing but the feelings that stir deep down inside. Nothing but the dreams shoved to the back of their minds and held in place by doubts, fears, loneliness, shame, and this idea that no one out there would deem them noteworthy.


Please, my Brothers, be that person for your self, that person who takes note. I know it’s not easy. But perhaps take literal note, with a note pad and pen jot just a few words about what is of note in you. Be as brave as you can be.


Then…say it out loud, those things. Let the air hear, the Earth. And hear me say to you: You are noteworthy. These things matter. YOU matter.


It might feel very tight to do this. In fact, you might feel rather constipated. Gross, right, but you get it, do you not?


The shit hasn’t moved for a while…?


Maybe it’s shit. If so: better out than in, no!?


And maybe you’ve just been told it’s shit, these things inside you that are also better out than in.


In any case, shit is fertilizer; it has a vital place outside of you.


And those other things, those dreams, those thoughts, those ideas…try having them out, too, if not just to see what happens; as a new strategy, a shift.


And Sisters, I know this might be true for you, too, and I encourage you to express also.


And all of us. Let’s remind each other when we get the chance: it’s YOU. And YOU are noteworthy.


I am listening.


I am rooting for you Big Time.


Go Rock it.