Practical Ascension

You may well have heard me say, when asked what I am about, “HEAVEN ON EARTH, BABY!!”

Lately it’s occurred to me that maybe it’s better said, “Earth in Heaven.”

Earth in Heaven???

EARTH in Heaven? Earth in HEAVEN?? Earth IN Heaven???

What the heck, right?!


Let me elaborate.

For so long, we have been putting our efforts into

“rising above it”     “getting over it”     “being above all that shit”     “overcoming”     “leaving it behind”

…we have been trying to get INTO Heaven…and away from Earth.

But what if we tried to bring Earth UP INTO Heaven…?

“BRING IT”     “take it to the next level”     “ascend”

What is the difference?

In the first way…I sense a loneliness, a focus on ones self…and a removal from the material, a separation of matter from what matters. Leaving Earth behind.

I see in the second, revised 😉 way…an inclusivity. An acceptance of matter, a way that is less prone to separating out of it, a way that includes other people who are more “dense” or “materialistic”…they need our care, too!

I’ve long sensed that some of the problems within the “problem” involve material being simply in the “wrong” place…or at least, not in the optimum place. What if Heaven on Earth was more a matter of redistribution…?

That certainly seems obvious when it comes to wealth… which is condensed within a small percent of humanity. It is not a problem of enough abundance, it is a problem of the distribution of the abundance we already have.

Maybe that’s what is going on in each of us…not that we don’t have what we need, but we have something in the way.

Maybe we don’t need to rise above it, maybe we need to redistribute it…and bring it to the next level from HERE.

Are you getting the distinctions? I hope and trust so.

What does this mean? How is it done?

“Go deeper”



Awareness IS illumination. Where there is no attention, there can be no revelation.

We have long avoided looking into the murky depths. The popular Law of Attraction movement has us thinking that giving attention to what is “dark” will increase the darkness.

I had no choice…I had to look.

And it worked…differently that the LOA line I had been given. I now see the fear in it.

The darkness, fully seen, reveals treasures. information, knowledge;, there was something buried under that tension, that matter which was in the “wrong place”. My experience was that this inhibiting , interfering matter WENT somewhere. It poured out of me as tears, sounds, smells, movement. It needed me to bathe in Epsom salts, drink water to flush “it” out. I learned about de-calcification in the body.

It took bravery to let this occur; to become an active participant in clearing my “shit”. It took faith. It hurt like hell. (Just like it hurt going in, I think!)

But I didn’t stay there, because I stayed there. I stayed until I had witnessed it all, seen it, illuminated it, wakened it up. UP.

I found my self, again and again, in an empty space full of awareness. I like to live from this space.  I find it works magic.

I bring this with me now. This acceptance of pain, tension, hurting. As a necessary and vital exploration INTO it, rather than a bypassing of it.

And as I do this, I raise the vibration of the material in which I live. Redistributing the waste products, they go where they can be fertilizer.

Bringing Earth up to Heaven.

Practical ascension.