What can Valentine’s Day BE?

I’ve heard stories of how the idea of Valentine’s Day came about, how it became a thing, how it was further added to and became a more elaborate thing, and is by now a Big Date in our culture. Lots of people have lots of different stories of what it is and has been for them; some amazing, some unpleasant, some delightful, some painful.


When I look at how the idea of romantic relationship came about, I notice parallels to the Valentine’s Day development story. No wonder, hey?


So many of us have ideas about what romantic relationship is/should be, based on what it has been for us, what it’s been for others, all these comparisons and yearnings, hurts and thoughts….


I’ve tried to make my romances BE something, just like I’ve tried to make Valentine’s Day BE something…whether the timing included relating in a romance or not.


One year I even won some money when I bought a scratch and win ticket, on a whim that had an air of “if I can’t be taken out by a romantic partner, maybe I can win money to buy myself something to make this a fun day for me, despite being a single mom who hasn’t been romanced for ages!”


When I look underneath all my stories about romance, layered over by my ideas of spirituality, (some which have been debunked, or cleared away, or grown out of, or re-formed by additional experiences)…when I really look underneath, I see that all I have ever wanted is something real.


It’s easy to think that means something outside of me to relate with and to, someONE real, a REAL relationship.


Lately, I found a new level in this (that’s how it feels to me, getting through a layer to reveal a new depth)…that what I really want is to BE real.


What “real” looks like, I have opened to, is too many different things to be something to “go for.”


But what FEELS real, true, IN me…that is something I have given up having ideas about. (Heh, except for sometimes! Pesky ideas!)


I have, I’d like to think, learned some things about setting my self up to open to what is real. This learning curve is what “led me” to Dolphin and Susan, my partners in Evolve Now.


And this is what we are up to, bringing what we are bringing on Valentine’s Day…opening a space, giving an invitation to come, be real with us. And learn, have fun, be given to on all the levels!

I am pretty excited in anticipation of what this will open us to.


I want this for you…I can’t help it!


Here are links to the two Valentine’s Day events;


The Divine Romance, the workshop

Valentine’s Day for All: the party

to buy tickets for both (there is a deal for that), go here.