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Who do I work with?

My purpose is to work with those who are preparing themselves for a deeply awakened future.

Especially those who are providing healing services and leadership, such as:





medical practitioners,



lay leaders,







An Elephant Named Eros

In working with men, I must address the potential for erotic energy up front.  Here is the protocol:  The space between us is sacrosanct.  I am in charge of my part and you, yours. As trust is deepened, truths will come to the surface in inevitable order. Sexual energy, desire, shame, fear, sadness, anger, confusion may arise.  We will see to it.  Eros will not be left to be an *elephant in the room*.  Neither will other “elephants” be ignored. Illumination is awareness, awareness is healing.



…is explained on the “how the work is structured” page, but I will add:

I am not in this for the money; but I need money to stay in this…with you, for you…and… thank you!

My standard of living is modest. I drive a 2003 mini van, source most of what I need via treasure hunts in second hand stores/sales, and through gift exchanges. I have high standards for good food, but eat little, and do a lot of food sharing. When I do need to buy new or buy services, I prefer doing business with local artisans, entrepreneurs, home and family based business people.


*Patronage without sessions*

You may wish to support what I am up to through one-time or regular financial patronage.  If this is so, let’s talk; I want to make sure it’s exactly how you want it to be.  Thank you from my deepest heart for seeing the value in what I offer, and providing support so I can develop and build with more resources.


by phone/text:  1-403-650-6990

email: nicolebradford110@gmail.com

mailing/street address by request is in Calgary, AB, Canada