how the work is structured

I provide:

Seeing — I open deeply to see the truth of what you are, and any of what may be in the way of you, in order to magnify and strengthen what is real and true and resolve what is in the way.

Hearing — I listen deeply to your expressions of your truth, listening for your genius, and for that which may be in the way.

Touch — I look to what might touch you, and make a difference for you; often this is gentle, non-sexual physical touch, often this is words or simply something truly untangible.


In our sessions, we will go as deep as you are able, to find what is there for you; to integrate any parts that need this, to clear any contaminants.  To support you knowing yourself, being your self, and doing as is true and right for you.


Option One :: Contract Coaching :: 3, 6 or 12 months

This seems simple (and it is), yet it is deeply complex…because YOU are, I am.

Here is the most room for real change:

– one-on-one in person sessions or by Skype, as needed (usually weekly to start)

– free flow emails, texts, phone calls as needed and time permits

Cost: 10% of your monthly income as a monthly retainer fee, paid on an agreed date each month, or more if you wish to provide that much stronger support for me and what I am building (see more in the sections about Awakening Calgary/House/Collective).


Option Two :: Structured Curriculum :: 6 + sessions :: for individuals (some sessions can be done in a group)

designed to create a solid foundation from which to build:

1 – your story – you tell it, I listen.  closely. then check i got it right.

2 – clearing unresolved matters – (this session may be repeated) – applying healing tools to patterns, beliefs, emotional wounds, boundaries and binds that no longer serve.  Learning how to open up to and be with hard emotions.

3 – human 101 – discerning the “lower” human instincts, physicality, emotion and the “higher” human spirit, mind and intuition; learning to activate the soul, in partnership with the instinctive self, and the personality in service to the soul.

4 – who am I? what is my purpose? – remember your divine design, in order to live as who you were made to be.

5 – rite of passage – custom designed ritual experience to mark the start of the next era of your life.

Electives that may be added for additional sessions:

king/queen of the castle:  training for Him and Her in the re-creation and care of your home base for maximum sanctuary effect.

epic sexuality: how to prepare for and find YOUR PARTNER, know it’s THEM, set you up to both win and thrive.

parenting the children of the new era: take the care and consideration of the next generation to the next level.

the regalia project: taking your personal style and presentation to the next level.

awakening real relating: learning to soul-connect deeply inwardly, and with another.

partnership for a new earth: co-creation for mutual benefit, for the benefit of all; in business and personal sectors.


Cost: your dollar-per-hour income, times 4, to a max of $160 per session; each session is booked for 1.5 hours.

When finances are a barrier, talk to me.