nicole’s other work

Awakening Calgary

is a hub to attract, connect and develop relationships and community for awakening people, especially in person, in Calgary, but also on an international scale.

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Awakening Caffe: a bi-monthly convergence of people who wish to find and face truth, live with and magnify goodness, create and co-create dreams-come-true.  We explore topics, go deep, get social, have fun and look for ways to perpetuate all the magic.  This occurs at Francesco’s Food and Coffee, 3413 26 Ave SW, Calgary. To be connected in, join the Awakening Calgary Facebook group (link ^^)


Awakening House: a hub and home for Nicole.

Awakening events are hosted here, as well:

– four permanent adult residents (and any part-time children thereof 😉 )

– Tuesday entrepreneur work sessions and drop-in visits (contact Nicole for the street address), pot luck dinner and Real Relating evening.

– sessions, course, classes, meetings, evenings, potlucks, movie nights put on by Nicole and/or other leaders in the Awakening network.

– workshops (space for 10-20 depending on how much room you need per person)

– up to 3 B&B guests, the daybeds in the workshop space become sleeping beds for visitors to town or temporary longer-term guests (work/stay projects, waiting to move in somewhere else set ups, trial runs for potential full time residents) for a base $10/day plus your contribution in whatever ways you love and we need.

– anything that resonates in regard to making possible within and without, Heaven on Earth :)

ask any questions!


*The Regalia Project*

Nicole’s love for clothing, attire, costuming…radical self-expression through wardrobe!  …gets it’s outlet through The Regalia Project (TRP).  Founded in 2011, this is a process by which you can be guided:

– visioning

– manifesting

– dressing and celebrating

…in full Regalia

The process has been translated into sessions, workshops, series and a soon-to-be released workbook.

To create with Nicole using TRP, get in touch :)

Testimonials for The Regalia Project:

“Dressing up in costume with friends or at a party is a special kind of fun. It is exhilarating and adventurous, allowing people to playfully explore. Nicole has been an amazing part of my favorite costume parties. She has also helped me to integrate unusual pieces into my everyday wardrobe and showed me resources to find great clothes for cheap. Now I get to feel magic dressing up every day!” KH, Authour, Publisher, Men’s and Relationship coach


“Nicole blesses us with her creative flare, turning any gathering in to a unique occasion offering her gifts, inviting us to play with a “new you” through The Regalia Project. Our event wouldn’t have been the same without her. Thank you Nicole!! We look forward to having you at the next event!!”                                       RAC, Visionary Business owner


“I had no idea what kind of costume to put together for a festive funky event, but thanks to Nicole from The Regalia Project, she not only helped me put together something great that I got a good comments about, but she actually personally took me shopping to find that ‘just-right something’, and showed me a bunch of her secret costume-picking-out ninja tricks for when I’m ready to attempt that whole fiasco (totally NOT a fiasco with Nicole) on my own next time!  Thank you, Nicole!”  JP, CEO


“All I can say was that before the event I knew the costume that I wanted.  But I was not able to put it together in time. I then met Nicole for the first time and she went to work using her intuition to built me a costume from the pieces in her collection. I never told her the idea I’d had but somehow she knew! The Regalia Project not only provides costumes it also includes Nicole’s intuitive flare. I recommend her work.”  MH, Professional