“I could not think of a better word to describe Nicole than “Miracle Activator”. This she truly is. Nicole has an uncanny way of looking inside you and seeing what miracle you are way before even you know it. All I know was I was a Lion with big thorn stuck in his paw, hiding in his cave, afraid to come out, and Nicole saw through all my facades and came into the cave and pulled that thorn out, drew me out of that cave and reminded me to roar like the Lion I am. I am so grateful for all she has done and I recommend to anyone that you spend some time with this wonderful Goddess and let here see what miracle she can activate for you.”

BT, CEO in eviro-tech industry


“Thanks so much.  For listening.  For everything.  Thanks so much for bearing with me.  You are a wise one. Thank you for allowing a new sense of revealing of myself that always and forever was there. You’re like a spirit athlete.”

DN, CEO enviro-scape industry


“In my life I have found few places where I can explore my feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Nicole has given me an outlet to help express my inner self, and to be able to talk open and honestly about the struggles going on in my life.   I feel our culture desperately needs more safe spaces for men to express their vulnerability without feeling shameful, ridiculed or judged.

Nicole created that safe place I needed. She has a refined skill of creating an environment that is conducive to talking honestly and authentically. The session where I was able to tell the (unrated) story of my life was painful in parts, but it offered a way to see a new perspective on my life. It helped connect the dots from my past to where I am now so I can move on with my life and stop feeling stuck.

Nicole has guided me through the process of dealing with hurts and conflicts. This isn’t easy work, but once doing this I was able to let go of painful memories. I saw past situations in a different light. Being able to transform a past negative experience into a positive one gave me my strength back.”

MM, RMT, health and wellness industry