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Rehearsing for the Apocalypse. Or, musings brought on by Calgary’s Flood.

What a time it’s been.

Did it start with the rain?  Or with the crying Earth?  Or with the crying hearts of the children of the Earth?

However it started, this time, it got very wet.  And muddy.  And scary.  And chaotic.  And challenging.

I felt it coming most through my schedule.  My “plans” didn’t seem real, somehow.  They seemed unlikely to happen.  And they didn’t.

What did happen was unreal in a different way.  And it has brought up so many questions, so much to be discerned, and experiences to learn from.

And by now, even some of the people who experienced serious destruction are grateful for the experience.

My kids and I often have campfires where we roast squash and corn, bannok and marshmallows.  We jokingly say we are rehearsing for the apocalypse.

The flood was a good rehearsal, too, I am thinking.

Rehearsals are all about acting “it” out, and tweaking things so “it” really works.

Sacred scripture and mythological stories suggest that Heaven on Earth cannot happen without an apocalypse.  The old, defunct structures must be cleared away, to reveal the pristine, eternal, sustainable truth underneath.

Some people take a literal perspective, others a more metaphorical one.

From where I stand, I see some of each.  In order for us to co-create Heaven on Earth, everything we are not, everything that isn’t serving the collective and individual highest good, must be cleansed away.

Some of this is energetic, some physical…beliefs, mental blocks, habits, systems, buildings, infrastructures, personal belongings, relationships….

And then we must create, build, and LIVE in a way that works.  The blueprints for this are, I believe, built into us, into nature…they are there when we look deep enough.

Some of what we build will be physical….especially in the phase of deterioration of the old way…collective living situations, permaculture gardens, natural material sourced buildings, communities and daily dances….

Because Heaven on Earth is physical…built on the sacred.

As above, so below.

What marks something as sacred?  An item, a relationship, an activity…that has deep meaning, that serves us on every level, that brings us unstoppable joy, love, peace.

No wonder the goodness of the disaster is being felt.  People are speaking of community, discovering which belongings are unessential (sounds like most of them are!)…it has helped reveal what is underneath…what matters…what is true and natural, what serves us.

Regardless of whether you see Calgary’s flood of 2013 as a rehearsal for the apocalypse, I would love to hear what you learned.



The cult of the world

I’ve had some experience with cults.

All my life in fact.  I was born into the cult of the world…people telling me what to do and when to do it, trying to get me to think like them, choose what they would choose, be on their “side”…or telling me I was “wrong.”

I was told I was in a cult on a few occasions.  I disagreed, but I saw their points.  I explained that I was where I was by my own free will and I knew I was free to leave when ever I wanted.

They still thought “it” was a cult.  (If I had been badly hurt, I might have agreed.)

I looked around at where they “were”… and saw advertising, politics, cliques, and idea-containers of all kinds.

It begs the question, “What is NOT a cult?”

Here’s my answer (for today :) :

A cult is when there is no us/them, no right/wrong, no good/bad.

A cult is when existence just IS.  No one is trying to “sell” you anything, or trying to convince you that they are “right” and you should change what you are/how you do what you do/what you think/how you feel….

A cult is when others are interested in you for interest’s sake, not to achieve anything.  They listen if they want to, and if they don’t…if they don’t listen it doesn’t mean they are against you…or that they don’t care…it just means they are doing something else.

And if they don’t want to listen…SAME THING.

And if they do…they just do.  Because it resonates…?  Or maybe for NO REASON.

And we go where we feel to go, where it resonates.  And we don’t go where we don’t feel to go and no one is offended or thinks we should have done X instead.


This post came up after I resonated with Terry Patten’s recent blog about cults.  He gives a definition.


I’d love to hear your thoughts.  I am interested 😉

Right Juxtaposition

We are one. But we are not the same. We are each a unique expression of a specific part of the whole. The whole is everything.

When we are each in our right place, the whole works; it is incredibly beautiful, it feels incredibly right.

We are each, I observe, driven to find our place, relative to each other, relative to each part.

In our place, we are each the sovereign.

Our place is our jurisdiction; this is where we are to exercise our Free Will.

We are each in our body; the first increment of our space.

Though some, I have been given to understand, feel their body is not an accurate manifestation of their place. Its gender is not theirs. I can only imagine what angst this might cause, I who have felt at home in my body.

My body can be a very loud indicator as to whether I was living in my space…or not. If I am not noticing my body, the whole reflects my accuracy or lack thereof. The messages come in such a variety of ways, becoming louder and louder in order to catch my attention.

We are each born into a family. This may or may not at first inspection appear to be an accurate manifestation of our place.

But if it is not, could it be that it is thus designed to help us better determine our right juxtaposition?

What qualities, working together, are manifestations of our right partners?

What part of the world resonates as right?

What foods? What activities?

What forms of movement, modes of expression, style of attire…suit our sovereign self?

This life seems to me to be a process of ever deeper self discovery, in order to know who we are, in order to discover where we fit, in right juxtaposition to one another.

This adventure, insofar as romantic partnership is concerned, speaks especially loud and clear me, and I notice how many others are focused on this.

How sensible this is!

If we are to know ourselves, and properly ascertain that another is a suitable partner for us, how much more clear this will make things and how much easier it will become to evaluate our place-markers, based on two points of reference!

And when we choose a partner, and live thus for a while, what does NOT suit becomes so clear, and our minds turn so naturally to what might be better. And if we free ourselves (and them) to further evolve and explore…what a service we provide!

For when I take steps toward my true place, I help make it more clear to others where their true place might be, relative to me, to mine.

We recognize, I believe, the truth of a place by how it feels to us. In degrees of freedom we find our way. As clarity unfolds, what felt free might shift as we move through the layers of being, to sense the resonance with our core.

It is my highest service to my self and to others, to the collective whole (which I might call God), to find myself, to determine my place; to hold my space clearly in regard to others, and to allow and invite others to do the same.